The Passion of Christ

A lot like ┬ácontroversial movie The Life of Brian, Mel Gibbson’s The Passion of the Christ was also a very controversial movie. Which I’ve seen a bunch of times. I thought this to be a great movie. Speaking in the language of the the ancient Romans gives you a real feel and sense of the time in which you are viewing. I also did think the actors did an amazing job as whom they were supposed to be.┬áThe physical suffering of Jesus was portrayed very strongly throughout the entire movie; the agony and pain of the whippings, the pain of walking from Jerusalem to Golgotha, the pain of being nailed to the cross and lifted up was so strongly depicted in this movie that sometimes it became hard to watch. The imagery is extremely grotesque. Blood is everywhere, and the flesh of the character playing Jesus is heavily abused. The movie overall does well at staying with the message of the Scriptures. Even though it does seem to me that Gibbson added a few parts it still doesn’t change anything or the way the scripture really portrays to us Jesus’ last 12 hours. One part i remember ┬áthat i do not remember from the scriptural was while while Jesus carries the cross. He falls, as he falls Mary has a flashback to his childhood and he falls and Mary goes running after him and scoops him up in her arms. This part although not in the scripture brings great emotion to the scene. Showing the relationship and bond between mother and son. The passion of the Christ was said to be an anti-Semitic movie, which i do not agree with. In the movie Gibbson portrays the Jewish people to be how they were portrayed in the scriptures. Nothing more, nothing less. Overall i think this to be an excellent movie that stays relatively close to the true meanings and depictions in the scripture.


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  1.   danielledm Says:

    I agree with you about the acting in this film, especially the part of Jesus. Jim Caviezel is an amazing actor and has been in movies such as Angel Eyes, Frequency, Pay It Forward, and one of my personal favorites, The Count of Monte Cristo. To choose such a strong actor such as he to play the part of Jesus was wise in my opinion. He truly does present the emotion, strife, and suffering that Jesus must have felt during his life. Maybe the film could have done without some of the more ‘grotesque’ points which depicted the suffering of Jesus, but I feel that it is good that they were put in. Often in films retelling Jesus’ story, the brutality is left out but I feel that having it all on screen gives a more realistic view of the suffering. It makes the emotions on the part of the viewer stronger.

  2.   David Richter Says:

    This came in after the course was over and can’t count as a response paper.

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