The life of Brian

The life of Brian was a movie that i have never heard of or ever seen before. After watching it I begin to see how interesting it was and did a little background information on it. As i was looking through the background information i was trying to see what it was everyone had been talking about. Upon doing research I found out that this movie was banded in the the UK and was considered blasphemous. Some of the bans were just removed as of the late 2000’s. So knowing this about the movie when i watched it i found a few parts that would appear blasphemous but to me as a christian watching it was not offended by the movie at all. One big part would have to be the end of the movie when Brian is crucified on the cross. As he hangs the line of one of the other men on the cross is “it’s not so bad once your up here”. If it was Jesus whom they were saying it to i can see it as being offensive but it was not actually Jesus, so the movie to me in this scene did not offend me. I found the people who filmed and directed the movie to be more offensive. As i was doing research i found this quote that bashes the christians and my faith. The director, Terry Jones stated one day in response to the films poor publicity “Any religion that makes a form of torture into an-icon that they worship seems to me a pretty sick sort of religion quite honestly”. I found the movie to be entertaining not so much as offensive, it wasn’t a direct depiction of Jesus and my faith.


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