King of Kings

This film focuses on Jesus’ ministry and the political ways of Israel. In this movie Jesus had both men and women following him which was unusual because there were never really women followers. Judas shows Jesus a rational side of himself; he believes Jesus could be a potential political solution for conflict between the Jews and the Romans. It is obvious Judas didn’t really know who Jesus really was and what he stood for. Judas, who was once a follower of Jesus, betrays him for silver to the Romans. Many different sources were used to make this film. All the Gospels were used however more of the Gospel from Matthew is portrayed in this film. I believe the King of Kings spend a lot of time on the Roman-Jewish politics while most of the teaching and miracles of Christ are told from perspectives of others rather than really shown in the film. Some scenes could have been looked at more in depth such as the woman at the well, The calming of the sea, etc.

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  1.   David Richter Says:

    Did we see the same King of Kings?

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