10 Commandments

Demilles film begins as an Egyptian pharaoh is told that the enslaved Hebrew are soon to give birth. He orders the slaughterer he must kill all newborn Jewish boys, but one is placed in a basket and floats down the Nile. He is found by the pharaoh’s sister and is brought up as her own. That is as much as we say when he is a baby in depth. The real story starts when he is grown up and is a prince. I thought it was interesting to see how there was no emphasis on him growing up. We know there is a rivalry between Moses and Ramses throughout all the years. When Moses lineage is revealed, I believe it is bitter sweet. His entire opinion on how he acted or lived as a prince changed. The princess is in love with Moses and wants him to win the competition to see who will win the place as pharaoh. She says she cannot be in love with someone who is not a pharaoh, but in reality he is not. He comes from a family of enslaved Jews and is in actuality not an Egyptian pharaoh. This movie represents God and the relationships between people and God.

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