The Life of Brian

The Life of Brian is Monty Pythons take on the story of Jesus of Nazareth, more dealing along the lines of there being a prophet that is there to enlighten the people and teach them moral values. This zany madcap rendition of the Jesus story has many memorable scenes, but the one that i like a lot is the scene when Brian is ordered to write, “Romans go home” along one of the Roman buildings. As he is doing this he is stopped by a guard that rather then takes him away to jail but rather corrects him on his grammar. This scene is rather hilarious for most people that have taken a Latin class have stated that most of the teachers were just as strict on grammar as the roman soldier that had stopped Brian. This is just one of the many funny scenes from the movie Life of Brian. Another scene that just adds to the random and zany madcap humor that is Monty Python, is the scene when Brian is running away from the Roman Guards and he falls off a building to then be swept up by a spaceship controlled by aliens. This was a completely out of the blue scene because this had been set for around the time of 33A.D.

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  1.   David Richter Says:

    As a veteran of high school Latin, I sympathized with Brian.

    Re Brian falling off the palace roof, we expect a MIRACLE but not space aliens because this is a parody of Jesus movies (and others) but not science fiction. The genre-bending is designed to mess with our heads. Or, as the Pythons would say: No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

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