David and Bathsheba

May 1, 2012

Henry Kings rendition of the story known as David and Bathsheba from the second Old Testament book of Samuel, seemed to give a rather good adaption of the story of the love between King David and Bathsheba, the husband to commander Uriah (however it is spelled). For this movie I had found that there were some comedic aspects to it, to me at least. There weren’t many but some that seemed rather funny or odd to me. One that really made me laugh was when David and Bathsheba were in the field with the shepard boy, as they are both laying down enjoying the day, Bathsheba is worried that the boy will see them as they are kissing. David tells her not to worry for he told her that he learned of love at a young age from when he was a shepard. As he is about to kiss her he sees the shepard boy staring at them to which he then says, “Dry season.” This could be interpreted in two different ways for the shepard boy was trying to get water for the sheep, however the pump was producing enough water. Yet I interpreted it as if it was a dry season for love for David and Bathsheba. More for Bathsheba since she hasn’t spent much time with her husband since Uriah is a captain for David and he is always busy with his duties, and knowing that Uriah is one that is loyal to his ruler and will stick by his side. This can be shown as when David tries to get Uriah to go home so he can sleep with Bathsheba and fulfill his “husband” duties and make it seem that he had gotten Bathsheba pregnant, he hears word from one of his closest men that Uriah had in fact not gone home but stayed and slept with the soldiers. To me there were a few funny points in this movie which made it an interesting rendition of the story in the second Old Testament of Samuel.

p.s. i know i’m extremely late to post this.

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