Jesus de Montreal

April 29, 2012

In response to Lisa’s comment that the film shows the truth too much; I understand where you would see it that way. The film exposes the unfortunate truths that still can be seen today; there is no value anymore. Religion and faith is just about one of the only things in this day and age that grounds us. However, I think that the point of this film was to expose the unfortunate truths about how superficiality and product take precedence over what once was important; faith and devotion. This is exactly what I thought was brilliant about the film. It intertwined modern day society with that of Jesus’ time. Through the eyes of actors, the audience was able to see a succinct replication of a time where things were simplistic and general to a time where life is a far more materialistic and complicated. It is for this reason that I actually think the ending scene was a perfect tone to end the movie with. There were questions unanswered, prayers not yet responded to. It was a scene that made a bold statement.

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