The Life of Brian- Response paper

‘The life of Brian’


This paper will major on the narrative style of the movie whereby the main content will involve how the story has been developed. The narrative style here is the technique that the director has used to come up with the arrangement of the different events in the movie. The main way in which the movie is sequenced is to check whether the director of the movie has achieved the characters required for a good and understandable movie. The movie, “Life of Brian,” relays the story of Brian’s life in general. This is because he is the aim character and this makes certain that the viewer is able to understand all about the play by making the story talk more about the protagonist Brian. This is a movie that in particular entails the story of religious spoof.

In the movie all the scenes that take place are put in an order, which can simply make the viewer have the flow of what is going on until the moment the movie comes to an end. Terry clearly explains the life of Brian in a systematic manner. Explanation of his life from the time he is young to the time he undergoes suffering is not mixed up. This is to mean the director wants to attract the attention of the viewers by making sure the flow of the story is the way it is supposed to be. Unlike situations where some directors may not really have the ability to ensure that the events are in order, Terry makes certain that his movie is perfect and different (87-88). Making sure that the events are in an order the way they are supposed to be in makes it possible for the director to attract the attention of the viewers to ensure that they grasp all that is going on in the movie.

At the beginning the actor is born and the director explains all the situations that he undergoes before he dies. All these events take place each at a time and the good nature found in the director is that he tries his best to ensure that they are all sequenced as they happened. From the beginning the events are sequenced in order to ensure that there is no confusion when watching the movie.

This generally gives a clear impression that the movie is understandable to anyone who watches it. All the episodes are put in place in such a way that the movie does not make the viewer confused, which is an element that is featured extensively in this movie making it one of the best movies ever released. It is very clear that people usually go for what they know when they watch they will always be satisfied with what they have seen and if told to narrate he story they are in a position to. All the movies should therefore have this character to ensure that they have a flow that is well understood. In this case the director of the movie, Terry Jones qualifies to produce good movies because of the way this one is managed. It has the characters of a good movie, making the director have the heart of producing even more.


Coming to the conclusion part of it, all movies should have an understandable flow of stories to make certain that the viewers get to know what the movie is talking about. All movie directors should make certain that they have the ability to produce movies that cannot make viewers bored but make them cheer up and understand the content therein. On the other hand they should always ensure that the movies have interesting parts to break the boredom. This will cause those who have watched the movies, and have seen that they are really good, convince others to but them making it a big profit for the directors.


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