Jesus of Montreal

April 11, 2012

So the object of Jesus of Montreal was to modernize the story and how was it done?  It was done in the form of a play, it was like a documentary, it was like a modern day novel.  It had interrupted channel number seven perfume commercial, modelling, studio shoots, research on Jesus done at the library, hospital visits, police arrest and a documentary on the big bang theory.  That’s modern enough, isn’t it?  Jesus audience wore shoes instead of sandals, skirts –  blouses instead of shawls and wraps, they carried handbags etc. got the picture?  It was interesting to see the actors practicing in the raw for the play, showing their flaws and mistakes.  I loved the music it reminded me of Mozart and The Three Tenors.

After the play was performed the actors were told that it would not be accepted, the Catholics claim they wanted the film to be like it has been for the past 40 years.  I am still trying to figure out what’s the right way of modernizing this film.  (1) they were angry because Christ was depicted as the natural son of a roman soldier.  (2) they were angry because Mary was depicted as a unwed mother.  It’s interested to how different films have a different take on the crucifixion of Jesus.

Comical Takes

While Daniel was nailed to the cross, he was arrested and read his rights by the police, while the audience revolted against them, it was like a riot.  Daniel was knocked unconcious by the very cross he was on – one of the actors said, ” I had a  premonition that doing tragedy movie is dangerous”.

When Daniel was in the library researching material on Jesus, as the librarian gave him the books she asked, “Looking for Jesus?  It’s him who will find you”.

At one point one of the actress auditioned for a beer commercial and she was humiliated, Daniel got angry, overturned and destroyed every table and movie equipment in sight.  This reminded me so much of Jesus when he overturned the tables with money in the temple that should be used for prayer just before his crucifixion.

What message was the producers trying to send in this scene?  When Daniel left the hospital he started to walk and quote the scriptures from the bible to strangers – people on the streets and subways.  He drew a crowd at one point, while in the same breath he fell down and died.




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