The Gospel According to Matthew

April 3, 2012

When we are introduce to Mary and Joseph they are sort of in a battle of the eyes. They are in a way speaking thought their eyes and we have to figure out what going on. I feel as though Pasolini wants us to experience and interpret the beginning scenes before were hear what may be happening. When we do hear talking it’s a direct command from God to Joseph and then back to no talking but rather mixed voices off in the distance. Pasolini opened up the scene with anti-didactical music to help us understand what is going on. The music is what we use to read the facial expression of the characters. Without even hearing the words we know that someone has done something wrong and they are ashamed of it. We can tell from the way we see Mary that she is not the one who is in the wrong because she is framed in an arch. The way Joseph is portrayed we can easily tell that he is the one who did not trust god and therefore must need divine intervention to understand and handle the situation at hand. When David returns to Mary after his intervention with God he has a new look on life. When he sees her, he is smiling and she therefore has a slight smile on her face. It’s important to note that she waited for him to smile first before she smiled. Pasolini did this to show us the power that Joseph or any man has on his wife around the time of Christ.

Life Of Brian

April 3, 2012

The sequence when Brian is mistaken as the Messiah sums up the satirical comedy of this film. When Brian is chased into the hole, he just wants to be left alone and tells the people to “fuck off” I found it extremely hilarious that they ask him “how do we fuck off?” In every film we’ve seen so far this semester in the course people always look for the word of the lord or guidance from Jesus. The Messiah is always someone that cannot be associated with laughter or comedy. This modern spin on the Messiah perfectly pokes fun at the beliefs of people’s religion. When the people leave, Brian alone to chase the old man away because he is not a believer, I thought that the way people react to someone disbelieving in their religious beliefs is more accurately portrayed in a satirical way when they chase and beat the old man. After this happens, we see that Brian encounters Judith and fades into them two in a bed implying a sexual encounter. Brian wakes up and feels like a new man because of what’s occurred only to be greeted by all his followers. I thought that this humanized Jesus because how would one feel when they are having their day off and they are greeted with work in their doorstep? All his followers are waiting by his window leaving him no privacy. He wakes up and gives the crowd a full show making this one of the most memorable scenes in the film. During this segment, I found it interesting that Brian told the people that “the people have it all wrong, that they don’t need to follow me, and that they are all individuals and that they are all different, that they all got to work it out among themselves, don’t let anyone tell you what to do.” This quote from Brian was one of the few serious ideas that shed light on an important subject about believers and non-believers. People in society are following Jesus but everyone is unique and not all of our problems are identical. To solve ones problem they must find a solution for themselves and not let external ideas convince them to solve anything. I found the film to be one of the best we have watched so far and I like how the director and writers are able to spoof such a serious topic but yet convey a subtle message as how society has it wrong and that they don’t need to follow a chosen one.

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